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Why We Veterans Must Learn How to Grieve

by Eric Burleson in Life, Mental Heath, Veteran

I remember reading Dan Millman’s The Way of the Peaceful Warrior years ago, before I was a military veteran. The book provided lots of useful tools for me to manage a flood of painful experiences. If it weren’t for those tools, I wouldn’t have given the book a second thought. I’d just dismiss it as […]

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Group of friends hugging at viewpoint overlooking city

Do These 4 Things As Soon As You Separate From The Military

by Eric Burleson in Mental Heath, Tips, Transition, Veteran

 These 4 Steps Are Vital For Veteran Mental Health: Leaving the military brings about incredibly difficult strain. Although most people know about the difficulties surrounding finding a job, few will describe the emotional struggle associated with separating from service. But veterans still suffer from enormously high rates of suicide, divorce, and homelessness. Putting aside all […]

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4 shapes, all missing pieces, but complementary.

Civilian Friends: A Critical Part of Your Transition

by Eric Burleson in Civilian, Mental Heath, Tips, Veteran

I Got By With Help From Civilian Friends My separation from the military kicked off with two years of graduate school in an MBA program at UT Austin. I figured this period would be a great time to learn how to act in the civilian world. What I didn’t expect was how much I would […]

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