Veteran Finances: How to Not Get Overwhelmed

by Eric Burleson in Mental Heath, Mindfulness, Tips, Veteran, Veteran

How to Not Get Overwhelmed by Finances As a newly-minted veteran, you may feel overwhelmed with the sheer volume of obviously non-trivial financial decisions you have to make now. Which health insurance policy should I choose? How much should I save every month? How much housing can I afford? How do I compare one job’s […]

9 out of 10 Veterans Haven’t Done This; Have You?

by Eric Burleson in Mindfulness, Tips, Transition, Veteran

By Eric Burleson The day that marked the end of your service has come and gone. You might have served a short term or invested most of your prime into the military, but now you are back on native soil. You anticipated the challenges of separation and transitioning back into civilian society after military life […]

5 Things Transitioning Veterans Need to Think About that Aren’t Jobs

by Eric Burleson in Life, Mindfulness, Tips, Veteran

5 Important Parts of Veteran Transition that Aren’t a New Job: Jobs are important to reclaiming life as a civilian, but work is not the only thing we need to talk about when we saying things like, “veteran transition.” There are some other parts of life that need attention during transition, and I’m going to talk about 5 of […]

Finding Meaning After the Military

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How to Find Meaning After the Military By Eric Burleson A Brief Primer One cannot possibly describe in 1000 words or less the heart-wrenching, soul-crushing, and life-affirming process of trying to find meaning and purpose following separation from military service. After having crystal clear purpose during service, the relative void following separation can feel incredibly […]