Why We Veterans Must Learn How to Grieve

by Eric Burleson in Life, Mental Heath, Veteran

I remember reading Dan Millman’s The Way of the Peaceful Warrior years ago, before I was a military veteran. The book provided lots of useful tools for me to manage a flood of painful experiences. If it weren’t for those tools, I wouldn’t have given the book a second thought. I’d just dismiss it as […]

Civilian Friends: A Critical Part of Your Transition

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I Got By With Help From Civilian Friends My separation from the military kicked off with two years of graduate school in an MBA program at UT Austin. I figured this period would be a great time to learn how to act in the civilian world. What I didn’t expect was how much I would […]

The Enemy of Transition

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The Enemy of My Transition Was Not My Friend “You are scum.” “What’s wrong with you?” “You can’t do anything right.” “You don’t even have the simple discipline to get out of bed on time.” “You’d be better off dead, and your family would be better off with you dead, too.” Who is this cruel […]

Want to really “Support Our Troops”? Do these things

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Share this article with civilians you know that care about and want to support veterans. Why are so many veterans killing themselves? The Department of Veterans Affairs has conducted multiple studies on the rates of veteran suicides and is the source of the oft-cited statistic of 20 veteran suicides per day, on average. None of […]

Guest post: Why Transition is so hard

by Eric Burleson in Veteran

I wrote another guest post for Task & Purpose. This one deals with how our brains adapt to change, and why that makes the transition from the military so difficult. The article discusses not only how the brain functions, but also how to take advantage of that mechanism to make your transition more smooth. Read […]

Veteran Finances: How to Not Get Overwhelmed

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How to Not Get Overwhelmed by Finances As a newly-minted veteran, you may feel overwhelmed with the sheer volume of obviously non-trivial financial decisions you have to make now. Which health insurance policy should I choose? How much should I save every month? How much housing can I afford? How do I compare one job’s […]

Veteran’s Guide to the 30-minute Meal

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The Veteran’s Guide to a 30-Minute Meal I had just finished breakfast with my father-in-law and 2 ½-year old daughter and was driving home. My wife’s parents were staying with us on an extended trip to help us out around the impending birth of my son. Because he was two weeks late, their 2-week trip […]

9 out of 10 Veterans Haven’t Done This; Have You?

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By Eric Burleson The day that marked the end of your service has come and gone. You might have served a short term or invested most of your prime into the military, but now you are back on native soil. You anticipated the challenges of separation and transitioning back into civilian society after military life […]