Separating from service was created by A Fellow Veteran, Eric Burleson

Eric served in the U.S. Army for eight years. Following his service, he earned an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin. He has coached veterans all across the U.S. on life after service and job search.

Seeing that more veterans need aid Eric sought to provide veterans with the tools and resources needed to help with differentiating yourself from military service to live the best life possible. Further, every bit of information aims to give you insight on this proven idea of differentiation. And if while you might not believe in the importance of separating from service, we invite you to read the journey of a veteran who struggled just as you might be.

Hopefully, you will be inspired by Eric’s story and arrive at a place where you too can feel successful.

As veterans separate from service, they struggle tremendously with life’s questions:

What am I going to do? What if I can’t find a job?

Why do none of these civilians understand me?

What about my spouse? My family, friends and children?

Should I be more concerned about my mental health?

Why do I seem to be living in a completely different world from everyone around me?

Have you ever noticed that almost all of the support available to veterans is on getting a job?

Separating From Service is more than just a job-help site for soldiers transiting from their service back into civilian life.

It’s not that income isn’t important, but shouldn’t you matter more than what you do for a living? There is so much more to life than how much money a person makes, and most veteran transition resources completely ignore that. You have already put your life on the line for the country. Now, it is time to reclaim those years and make the best of your life as a veteran starting today.

And veterans continue to break: up to 22 veterans commit suicide every day.

Old habits clash with new realities, and the suffering can break even the toughest warrior.

Separating From Services believes that veterans, like you, don’t have to suffer this way. There is a way for you to separate from military service and grow to have a fulfilling life that’s rich with meaning and purpose. That’s what the Separating From Service blog and its resources are about; the process is called differentiation of self, and it’s something any veteran can do.